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Here you'll find examples of my collaborations in human-centered design, strategy, change and innovation.


Portfolio summary

These are examples of human-centered design projects I have either led, delivered or collaborated with external or internal partners on, and range chronologically in date from 2010 to 2023.
My career in design has led from a passion to improve the customer & employee experience to developing expertise in applying design methodology in practice, to leading best-practice design teams, to externally consulting to enterprise level organisations on human-led transformation.

How I work

My work has been driven through collaborative, co-design ways of working with individuals, groups, and project delivery teams. I have led teams of designers with skills across the design continuum, including strategic, CX/EX, service, user experience and user interface design. I work across multi-disciplinary teams including project managers, business analysts, solution architects, data scientist and change specialists. I have also delivered large bodies of design work on my own, occasionally supported by other designers.

For example, in designing a better future for Sydney Water, I worked closely with the CEO and his digital services team to understand how to transform the services and experiences they provided to both their internal and external customers. This involved 3500 staff, across 7 research cohorts, including Engineering, Customer, Corporate Services, Networks, Livable Cities, Marketing, & People and Culture. I led qualitative and quantitative research and co-design across all levels of the organisation, including the Managing Director and his direct reports. 

Case Studies in research, CX/EX & service design

ehealth queensland.jpg
Wellbeing sa.png

Client Testimonials

"The experience exceeded our expectations – we ended up getting more information/ research from the process than we had expected. My thoughts are that the process of investigation, the thorough way in which the subject was approached, delivered the additional outcomes. Kudos to Dr Amanda and her ability to draw out information while creating a safe space for people to work in."

Vickie Robinson - eHealth Queensland

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